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wu MacMillan
wu MacMillan

Dark And Darker Gold performs emergency maintenance to prevent coordinated DDoS attacks

Emergency maintenance was conducted on the medieval looter game Dark and Darker, developed by Ironmace, to address a series of coordinated DDoS attacks. Ironmace swiftly took action to bolster the security of its login servers, aiming to provide players with a smoother and safer gaming experience.

In response to the persistent DDoS attacks, Ironmace's development team announced on social media that they would be implementing additional measures to protect against such attacks. Consequently, the game was temporarily taken offline for a few hours to facilitate the emergency maintenance. Ironmace has been actively working on updating its servers to effectively counter DDoS attacks and resolve existing login issues faced by players.

It is worth noting that Dark and Darker has faced various challenges in the past. The game's Korean developer was embroiled in a legal dispute following allegations of stolen code being used in the game's creation. This resulted in raids on Ironmace's offices, a cease-and-desist letter, and a DMCA takedown notice from Nexon, a major game publisher. Ironmace vehemently denied these accusations, considering them baseless distortions. Consequently, Dark and Darker was removed from the Steam platform.

Despite these setbacks, Dark and Darker has made a comeback and is currently available in Early Access mode. Ironmace took matters into their own hands by developing their own launcher, called Blacksmith, which allows them to directly sell the game on their website and digital storefront known as Chaf Games. This decision has allowed Ironmace to regain control over the distribution of their game and ensures that players can continue to enjoy the medieval looter through alternative channels.

However, Ironmace is currently facing another challenge in the form of cheaters within the game. Cheating has become a widespread issue in the gaming industry, posing significant challenges for developers and undermining the fair and competitive nature of online games. Ironmace is actively working to combat cheating within Dark and Darker, employing various anti-cheat measures to maintain a level playing field for all players.

In conclusion, Dark and Darker, developed by Ironmace, recently underwent emergency maintenance to counter coordinated DDoS attacks. The developer took proactive steps to enhance the security of its login servers, ensuring a safer gaming experience for players. Despite previous legal challenges and being removed from the Steam platform, Dark and Darker has made a comeback in Early Access mode, with Ironmace utilizing its own launcher, Blacksmith, to sell the game directly. Additionally, the developer is actively combating cheating within the game to maintain fairness and integrity. Ironmace's determination to overcome these obstacles demonstrates their commitment to providing an enjoyable and secure gaming environment for the buy Dark And Darker Gold community.


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