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The Advanced SBC Method: A Profitable Trading Strategy in FC 24

In the world of FIFA gaming, finding effective trading methods can greatly enhance your gaming experience and help you build a strong team. One such trading method that has proven to be successful in previous FIFA editions is the Advanced SBC (Squad Building Challenge) method. In this article, we will explore the advantages of this method and discuss the potential return of Advanced SBCs in FC 24.

Why is the Advanced SBC Method Effective?

The Advanced SBC method is particularly effective at the beginning of each FIFA game because, during that period, promo teams and packs are usually not yet available. The only packs that gamers can purchase are the 7,500 coin packs with low pack weights, making it difficult to pack good players. However, Advanced SBCs offer highly rewarding packs with a higher probability of packing valuable and expensive players. This creates an opportunity for players to not only acquire top players for their own teams but also sell them on the market to boost their starting budget.

The Downfall of the Advanced SBC Method in FIFA 23

Unfortunately, the Advanced SBC method did not work effectively in FIFA 23 due to the introduction of untradable packs by EA Sports. While players could still pack good players, they were unable to sell them on the market. This change made investing all your coins in untradable packs less appealing, especially for players with limited resources at the start of the game.

The Return of Tradable Rewards in FC 24

However, there is good news for FC 24. In the beta FC 24 Coins version of the game, Advanced SBCs were observed to offer tradable rewards once again. This means that players can potentially pack valuable players and sell them on the market to generate significant profits. Tradability of rewards has been observed in some Advanced SBCs, such as the Hybrid Nations and Hybrid Leagues. While some group reward packs may still be untradable, the individual packs within the SBCs offer valuable tradable rewards.

Taking Advantage of Tradable Rewards

Tradable rewards in Advanced SBCs present an excellent opportunity for players to make substantial coins at the beginning of FC 24. By completing SBCs and obtaining tradable packs, players can aim to pack expensive players and sell them on the market for a profit. It is important to stay updated with the game's market dynamics, such as supply fluctuations resulting from events like Market Matchups, Division Rival Rewards, or Squad Battle Rewards. By sniping players that fit SBC requirements during these supply influxes, players can maximize their profits by selling them the following day.

Trading Tips and Examples

To aid players in their trading endeavors, it is helpful to compile a list of players who are likely to be in high demand at the start of FC 24. These players can serve as examples for trading on a daily basis when supply increases. For instance, players like Felipe Anderson and Bruno Peres were in high demand during previous FIFA editions and had their prices skyrocket due to their usefulness in specific SBC requirements. By monitoring the market and trading these players, players can secure profits.

The Advanced SBC method has been a tried and tested Fut 24 Coins for sale trading strategy in FIFA games, and its potential return in FC 24 is exciting news for gamers. The ability to pack valuable and tradable rewards through SBCs presents an opportunity to build a strong team and generate significant profits from selling top players. By staying informed about market dynamics and trading strategically, players can maximize their coin gains and enhance their gaming experience in FC 24.


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